Exploring Your Depths: 8-week Deep Dive with Breath

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8 Weeks Deep Dive with Breath | Exploring your Depths⁠
Tuesdays (+ 1 Mon) |  7:30 – 9:30 pm EST⁠

Are you looking to do some deep work, ready to peel some layers?⁠

Are you ready to be in a group with the same committed breathers and souls who are walking this space of self exploration with you?⁠

Then you may be interested in this next version of our closed Breathwork Immersion.⁠

⁠This is an opportunity for you to go deeper with your breath in a closed container. Together we become a community that gathers trust with each other allowing us to go deeper every week.⁠

⁠When we have a closed and intimate circle, we allow ourselves to explore our vulnerabilities, our shadows, and our tender edges.⁠

Unlike a community breathwork circle which is different every time, this will be YOUR space. The same committed breathers every week in a sacred circle holding each other as you move through and transform what is ready to be shed.⁠

(BONUS – you don’t have to hear me repeat housekeeping week after week🥱)⁠

Every week is recorded for you in case you cannot make it.⁠

You will be provided with additional resources and support as we walk this journey together.⁠
You are invited to bring one intention to this 8-week exploration for you to work with. A journal practice will be a key component of this 8 week’s Deep Dive.⁠

If you are interested in taking your personal breathwork to the next level-⁠

If you are are wanting that additional support while you move through whatever is present-⁠

We dive in together⁠

The Elemental Soul Pilgrimage: 12-month Group Journey 

Next Group Begins October 22, 2022!


$4k in full or $4,500  Payment plan ( $375 x 12) 

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A 12 Month Pilgrimage to Explore the Full Terrain of Your Personal and Spiritual Growth

From Your Spiritual Awakening to Deep on Your Spiritual Path

You’re here because you’re a seeker.

And you’ve been seeking more…

More depth.
More wisdom.

More connection.

More experience.

More divinity.

What you’ve been trying so far hasn’t been satiating you…

Practicing yoga, meditating from time to time, and reading all those personal development books just hasn’t been fulfilling you in the ways you need.

Your soul is craving for more.

But there is so much out there… so many modalities, practices, lineages, and paths… where do you even start?

Enter Elemental Soul: the next step you’ve been searching for.

If you’ve been walking the self-led path for a while, but know it’s time to call in the right teacher or mentor to connect with…

Elemental Soul is for you.

If you’ve been seeking a community to grow with, to have big conversations and explore spirituality together…

Elemental Soul is for you.

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