Divine Roots FAQ

A breathwork practitioner, facilitator or guide is someone who is trained and certified through a reputable program to support you through various breathwork techniques.  We use the breath to explore, clear and shift the physical, emotional/ mental and spiritual layers.

I am a double certified and trauma informed breathwork practitioner.  My first certification is through renowned Alchemy of Breath, a 9 month intensive and practicum and my second certifications is through Integrative Breath, a 7 month intensive and  another  beautiful association through Alchemy of Breath.

Breathwork has been intentionally used for thousands of years and eventually came into the west as a new modality in the 60’s with the likes of Stanislav Grof,of the main pioneers of breathwork, introducing breath to explore & heal the psyche.  There are many variations and techniques that are taught experienced.

As a modality, breathwork is a medicine that allows us to explore the physical, emotional/ mental & spiritual through and inner landscape and without the need to use words such as traditional talk therapy.

Breathwork can support and clear PTSD & anxiety, allow us to recconnect to the embodied self, clear dense emotions as well as connect us to our sacred selves.  You can book a breathwork session here

A shamanic practitioner is someone who can work in other planes, states of consciousness to support their client.  Often a shamanic practitioner is working in the energetic fields that may include soul retrievals, animal medicine, channeled beings, entity or energy extractions.

A Shamanic Healing session may look different from practitioner to practitioner.  With Divine Roots the session is always opened by calling in the 4 directions and elements.  The client simply lays down as I channel what is present.  Often sacred tools are used such as rattles & feathers to support what may need to be moved.

No – although some still say yes.  It is a spiritual way of living that is essentially earth based wisdom.  All indigenous cultures, all peoples of the earth have roots that connect them back to some form of shamanism.  Every culture & nation and it’s very rooted beginning, were connected into the Earth and her wisdom.  Traditionally the Shaman would support the community or individual that was sick our out of balance, and would travel to the other worlds on their behalf, they would also support those who were transitioning from life.

The breathwork technique is the same, however a shamanic breathwork session – we open the 4 directions & the 4 elements, and I invite any energy work or sacred tools that are being called into session to take place.  A standard breathwork session is somatic in nature and both are powerful – it depends on the client and what the client feels called to work with on their path and their journey.

A private session allows us to explore depths that a client may not be comfortable to explore in a group setting.  A private session provides the breather with unconditional 1-1 support and body work specific to every moment of the experience, where as a group session is much less, and focused more on the group as a whole then one persons needs.

A group ceremony has a strong energy that can be very powerful and supportive when one is ready to come into a sense of community.

Rapeh is a sacred snuff. It is a medicine used to still your mind, to support clarity. It also clears us and protects us with the support of Grandfather tobacco. It is administered through the nose and In just one blow it helps you to go out of your head, into your heart, and connects you with your soul and grounding you into the earth.

This is a medicine that is to be used intentionally, with sacred reverence and not recreationally.

Rapéh is very much about receiving and has always a positive effect (even if it feels challenging during the experience.)

  • Heart opening

  • Brings you to the here & now

  • Peace to your mind

  • Relaxing

  • Detox for your mental & Emotional body

  • Remove blockages

  • Cleans your energy field

  • Protection

  • Helps to focus

  • Sharpens your mind

Yes – we are fully insured and certified.