From Your Spiritual Awakening to Deep on Your Spiritual Path

You’re here because you’re a seeker.

And you’ve been seeking more…

More depth.
More wisdom.
More connection.
More experience.
More divinity.

What you’ve been trying so far hasn’t been satiating you…

Practicing yoga, meditating from time to time, and reading all those personal development books just hasn’t been fulfilling you in the ways you need.

Your soul is craving for more.

But there is so much out there… so many modalities, practices, lineages, and paths… where do you even start?

Enter Elemental Soul: the next step you’ve been searching for.

If you’ve been walking the self-led path for a while, but know it’s time to call in the right teacher or mentor to connect with…

Elemental Soul is for you.

If you’ve been seeking a community to grow with, to have big conversations and explore spirituality together…

Elemental Soul is for you.

If you’ve been aching to explore many different spiritual modalities, lineages, and practices – growing your spiritual toolbox, building a personal practice, and discovering what is right for you…

Then Elemental Soul is for you.

If you feel your spirit singing YES! then I invite you to join us on this sacred journey.

12 months.
20 people.
A deep, safe, and accelerated container to heal, grow, and discover your truth.

Let’s walk this spiritual path together!

At the end of 10 months you will...
  • Step into the Presence Process (it’s not all WOO, we step into our breath and conscious response to support our walk)
  • Create a sacred space and altar (and learn how to work with it to support your personal practice)
  • Embody a morning prayer practice (to deepen your connection with Spirit and ultimately yourself)
  • Build a breathwork practice (to support your energetic health, clear old stories, transform wounds, and connect you with your heart)
  • Build a shamanic journey practice (to connect and explore your soul’s most intimate desires, goals, purpose, and path)
  • Begin a journaling practice (to support the integration of your physical, emotional, and mental bodies)
  • Discover your Power Animal + begin developing that relationship (to deepen your connection to yourself, your gifts, and the spiritual realms)
  • Explore your intuition + learn how to access the Divine (including your Higher Self and Spiritual Guides/Allies)
  • Get clarity on the modality that’s calling to you (you’ll be exposed to a wide variety of spiritual practices, modalities, and tools including: Shamanic Journeying, Breathwork, Energy Healing, Intuitive Work, and more – to discover the one that’s right for you).
  • Connect with a group of like-minded souls (over these next 12 months, you’ll be journeying with the same community of people as you learn, grow, and connect together)
  • …and more.

Discover and embody your whole spiritual self as you step into your sacred path.

  • 11x Monthly 120 min. Wisdom Teachings & Sharing Circles  (value of $2000)
  • 11 x Monthly Healing Ceremonies with Various Practitioners
    Including: breathwork, sound ceremonies, Shamanic Journeys, guided meditations, and more (value of $2000+)
  • Bi -Weekly Breathwork Ceremonies (value of $1500)
  • A Rich Library of Resources, Files, and More including 9 module Micro Course, Planting your Roots – to Complement Your Journey (value of $300)
  • Private Voxer Groupfor our connected community (value of $1000+)
  • An Accountability Partnerfor the duration of the program (Priceless!)
  • PLUS… Office Hours with Rebecca & Samget full access to Rebecca & Sam for intuitive coaching and integrative support when needed (value of $2500+)

Total Value: $9,000+ CDN

Your Investment: $4,500 CDN – Pay In Full ( Save $500 CDN) 

Payment Plan Available: $5,000 CDN = $2,000 Depost + $250 x 12

Your Practitioners

The Elemental Soul Practitioner Team is a collective of 6 teachers who carry the following sacred medicines:

  • Breathwork Practitioner
  • Shamanic Practitioner
  • Anishinaabe Medicine Woman & Hay House Author
  • Celtic Herbalist
  • Medical Intuitive
  • Sound Healer & Rose Priestess

These are the medicines that are carried by The Elemental Soul Pilgrimage Team. You’ll learn from each of these special teachers and begin your own personal journey exploring the divine practices, rituals, and techniques that call to you most.

  • Monthly Wisdom Teachings & Healing Circles (11 x monthly 120 min group Zoom calls)
  • Monthly Mentorship Circles (12 x monthly 60 min group Zoom calls)
  • The Power of Prayer, Altars, and Sacred Space
  • Shamanism: Shamanic Journeys and Spirit Animals
  • Anishinaabe Medicine Wheel
  • Sacred Sound and your Voice
  • Breathwork
  • Energetic Layers and the 5 Fundamental Bodies
  • Healing Yourself: Accessing your emotional, mental, and physical bodies
  • Sacred Tools: The importance of honouring all Indigenous medicines and not appropriating that which is not yours
  • Shamanic & Energetic Hygiene
  • Door to the Divine: Connecting with light beings & spiritual allies with Master teachers, Angelic Realm, and our Galactic Brothers & Sisters
  • Celtic Herbalism and Natural Medicine
  • Closing Land-Based Retreat with guest teachers and multiple ceremonies

Elemental Soul: a 12 Month Pilgrimage

November 2022 – October 2023
All classes, circles, and sessions will be held on Saturdays at 10 am EST

Monthly Wisdom Teachings

Saturdays | 10am – 12pm EST
(recordings available)

Monthly Mentorship Circles

Saturdays | 10 am – 11 am EST
(recordings available)


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