A Must-Have Mentorship for Healing Practitioners of Any Lineage

A 12 Month Mentorship Guiding Practitioners into Deeper Integrity, Ethics, and Alignment.

Where spirituality meets practicality to ground and elevate your service.


To the healers, the channelers, the coaches, therapists, counsellors, and practitioners of all kinds…

Have you been feeling the call to rise into your next level of your mastery and integrity?

Have you been receiving the knowing that it’s time to get mentorship and guidance to elevate your service?

Have you been feeling disconnected from your personal practice and path – and are ready to remedy that?

It’s time to root into service so you can rise on your path.

Whether you’re a practitioner who is just starting out…
Or a seasoned professional who’s been on this journey for some time…

As healing practitioners, our devotion, alignment, and integrity to our work is vital.

As humanity enters a new paradigm of human consciousness, we need more practitioners rising into their greatest potential. We need more practitioners willing to maintain integrity with their own alignment and ethics.

But practitioners also need support.

You need guidance to come back to that deep remembrance of why you have been chosen to do this work. You need mentorship to realign with your highest integrity and ethics. You need a community who can share in this journey with you – navigating the same challenges and wins.

‘Healers’, guides, and practitioners are the Northern Stars on Mother Earth – you are the sacred leaders supporting the healing and transformation of all at this time.

And it’s time you get support to help you on your path.

Rooted in Service is a sacred invitation for those ready to support humanity AND themselves in a big way.

This is an invitation for those who are ready to recommit to the highest integrity of their path and practice.

Where spirituality meets practicality to ground and elevate your service.


Over this next year together, we’ll step into our deepest alignment as healers and practitioners – becoming a true hollow bone in service to Spirit.

  • You’ll connect and grow with a community of like-minded souls with their own unique medicine who will support, inspire, and remind you of your greatest purpose.

  • You will meet your work with greater accountability and integrity – elevating the ethics and safety of your service.

  • You will reconnect with your own medicine, gifts, purpose, and path – recommitting to your own soul’s development.

As ‘healers’, we can often lose ourselves in our work – forgetting our personal path and connections.

Through Rooted in Service, you will not only deepen the power and integrity of your work, but also that of your personal soul journey.

This is a must-have mentorship for practitioners of all lineages.

Get the support you need to realign to your path, uplevel your healing business, and dive even deeper into your personal work so you can show up more powerfully for humanity.

The world needs you.
But your soul needs you too.

Deepen your integrity.
Anchor your alignment.
Root into service.

In Just 1 Year, You’ll Experience…

Mentorship for your soul and your service.


In Just 1 Year, You’ll Experience…

24 x Live 90 min. Mentorship Sessions

Twice a month you will receive wisdom teachings from Rebecca, Guest Master Teachers, and Medicine people who will support you in becoming a clear vessel of service, deepening your practice, and serving from a place of integrity, ethics, and humility. Includes recordings of every call for lifetime access.

(value of $3,600)

12 x Live 1 hr. Q&A Calls

Once a month we will hold a sacred circle for you to bring anything that needs to be witnessed: Biz, personal or spiritual – this is a space for you to be held, to receive personal support in a group immersion as well as being held accountable for your growth and your path as a soul in service.  These calls will be recorded to accommodate all time zones,  If you are not able to attend, we will invite you to submit your question or need that requires  support the day before.

(value of $2,160)

24 x Live 2 hr. Group Breathwork & Healing Sessions

Like Shamans use plant medicine to work with our higher consciousness and to support our own healing and clearing, we will use the sacred breath as a medicine to support you this year on your path. This will be a unique circle of practitioners and healers as we are in a time that we need to be held more and more so that we can continue serving from the depths of our hearts.  These healing circles will be recorded to offer you the opportunity to work with this modality as much as you need and accommodate all time zones.

(value of $4,800)

Full Access: Planting Your Roots Digital Course

Full recorded teachings on all Elemental Soul Pilgrimage Subjects including 4 Directions & Elements with Lifetime access. Resources and PDFs included

(value of $222)

Private Online Community

For any and all support you may need between sessions as a group with each other. Whether it’s a question, a celebration, or a need for deeper support, you are never alone on this journey. We are in this together.

(value of $ 350)

PLUS… Receive a 10% discount for the Sacred Tool Shop (www.yourdivineroots.com)

Total Value: $11,500+ CDN

Your Investment: only $4,444 CDN


Group Immersion:

$4,444 CDN



12 Monthly Payments of
$397/month CDN


Scholarships available.

Only 2 spots left.



Starting January 2023

Total Value: $15,000+ CDN


Your Investment:

Only $6,444 CDN



12 Monthly Payments of
$555/month CDN


Meet Your Guide

Rebecca Llewellyn is a Medicine Woman. As a trained Shamanic Practitioner, Breathwork Practitioner, Intuitive Coach and Channel,  Rebecca carries many medicines encoded within her light body. 

For over 15 years, Rebecca has been walking the path of Spirit and Service. As she studied various modalities, her medicine grew. Recently, while spending 7 days in Dieta with Grandfather Tobacco, she received her Spirit Name – Rebecca Maria, The Ancient One. 

She is here to serve those who serve. 

Influenced by the South, standing in the North, Rebecca embodies the Prayer of Unity as a Medicine Woman, Mentor, Soul-Based Leader, and teacher.

Rebecca is passionate about holding space for others so that they may tap into their own healing journey and claim their authentic blueprint. 

Rebecca is a non-Indigenous Canadian committed to Truth & Reconciliation. She lives on the traditional territories of the Erie, Neutral, Huron-Wendat, Haudenosaunee, and Mississaugas. This land is covered by the Dish with One Spoon Wampum Belt Covenant and she is proud to call ‘Hamilton’ home.

Rebecca serves as a Sister of the Land of the Dancing Deer, part of the Executive Council and passionately advocating to create a healing village and sanctuary for the residents of Six Nations in Southern Ontario and the surrounding community.


Your Medicine Holders

Asha Frost

Indigenous Medicine Woman and a member of the Chippewas of Nawash First Nation. Asha is from the Crane Clan, the totem of leadership, and believes in holding space from vision and heart. As an energy healer, homeopath, and mentor, Asha has guided thousands of people through profound and lasting transformationAnishinaabe Medicine Woman and Hay House Author

Session: Appropriate Use of Medicine
Session: Rainbow Healing – All Peoples & All Modalities

Katie Brockhurst

Sent to help navigate social media in a spiritual, ethical, and healthy way that feels good for you & your nervous system… Katie is an award-winning content creator, author, and experienced social media manager/consultant, with over twenty years’ experience.

Session: Spirituality & Social Media
Session: Digital Health & Wellness

Rhiannon Rosalind

Rhiannon Rosalind is a serial entrepreneur and social innovator, best known as the President of The Economic Club of Canada for over a decade.  On her podium, the highest-profile and most recognized in Canada, she has hosted some of the most relevant speakers of our time. The likes of President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Amal Clooney, former U.S. President Bill Clinton. 

Rhiannon is the youngest woman in Canadian history to be inducted into the Most Powerful Women in Business Hall of Fame. She is the founder of Lunar Club – where she shakes things up by interviewing some of the most powerful feminists in Canada.

Session: What Conscious Economy and Entrepreneurship Looks Like

Gail Whitlow

Gail’s home is  on the Six Nations of the Grand River First Nation.  Her mother’s bloodline extends back many generations as a bear clan (shaking the rattle) woman of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy.  She is Kanienkehaka (Mohawk). Her father was Mohawk, Turtle Clan, and she also honor her fathers’ grandfather who traveled to her land from Ireland – Celtic roots.

She is a Traditional Healer, Medicine Knowledge Keeper, Pipe Carrier, and much more.  Together with the heartbeat of ceremony and love, she believes all people can breathe in the essence of unity and peace.  

Founder of Ancestral Voices Healing Centre

Co-Founder Grandmothers Voice

Founder of Sacred Sites Sacred Journeys

Co-Founder of Grandmothers Circle the Earth

Founder Land of the Dancing Deer

Session: Grandmother Wisdom

Hannah Ruth Dyson

Welsh grown and Costa Rica based, Hannah Ruth Dyson is a deep feminine and earth-based cultural researcher, indigenous advocate, educational writer and speaker, deep healing guide, and medicine keeper.

Founder of Soul Seed Gathering and Women Change World.

Session: Clearing Personal Money Blocks

Zach Carlson

In 2012, he was homeless, addicted to drugs, & lost—he thought his life was over. It wasn’t, it was only beginning. Since then, his journey has been the adventure of a lifetime—central to this is change is men’s work, community, & his career as a coach. The story of Zach’s life is his message.

A message of hope. A message of clarity. A message of purpose.

Session: Healing our Shadows & Traumas
Session: Finding our Strength

Timmie Larode

Timmie Larode  is a multi-dimensional healer and medicine woman born in Trinidad and Tobago. 

As a young child, she witnessed her mom taking care of the sick people in the village, with her prayers, touch, and spiritual baths. She knew one day she wanted to serve as her mom does. However, coming to America as a young child shifted that prayer for her until a deep call to serve occurred in 2017. In 2017 she began her part of walking the red road.

Much of her work is deeply rooted in healing the inner child and healing trauma within the collective, especially for her black and brown relatives. Her work comes with an infusion of Caribbean and African spirituality. Timmie also serves as a birth doula, spiritual mentor, shamanic practitioner, Reiki practitioner, and intuitive guide.

Session: The importance of Rituals & Ceremonies

Vanessa Ferraro

Vanessa Ferraro is a Leading Soul-Based Business Strategist, CEO of Soulfully Aligned Inc., International Best-Selling Author, and Certified Tao Master Teacher.

Session: Leading a Soul-Centered Business

Aysen  Farag

Aysen Farag is an Indigenous Medicine Woman of Amazigh, Jieng, and Kuku-Bari heritage. She has worked as a traditional herbalist and ceremonial leader for the last eight years and has continued to support the roots of indigenous values, honour, and customs as a teacher of ethnobotany and indigenous rights through African narratives of understanding. 

She knows well the plight of indigenous peoples around the world, and the sense of urgency there is to use their gifts and knowledge to bring healing to the Earth and its human and non-human kin.

Forthcoming Book : Grief Medicine

Session: The Importance of Healing our Ancestral Lines

Isaac Murdoch

Bomgizhik ( Isaac Murdoch) is from Nimkii Aazhbikoong ( Serpent River) First Nations.  He is of the Fish Clan and is Ojibwe.  He has 4 children and currently lives in the forest at Nimki Aazhbikoong, an Indigenous community that focuses on Indigenous Language, art and land-based activities.

Being blessed with the opportunity, Bomgizhik grew up in the traditional setting of hunting and gathering on the land.  Having spent many years learning from Elders, he spends a lot of his time as a storyteller.  Many of these stories become his visual art pieces which have become recognized worldwide.  Bomgizhik is also a singer-songwriter who loves to make music whenever he gets a chance. His passion is trying to activate as many hearts to save the planet as possible.

Session: Activating our heart to save the Planet

Hannah Kendaru

Hannah is a British-Indonesian breathwork facilitator and embodiment facilitator with antiracism and decolonization as the foundation of all liberation work.

Breathwork and embodiment bring us back into the deep remembrance of what freedom really means,  remembering our souls and spirit through resilience and imagination, to remember our wisdom. She has committed to attending these wounds through her work and feels compelled to participate in a radical reimagining of what a future in community can look like.

Decolonising, rewilding, Indigenising, and feminizing our bodies, minds, and spirits through sitting in circles with fierce love and integrity. Listening, sharing, and collaboration, the emergence of a new earth is co-created.

Session: Decolonizing Our Work and Our Service


I have been on my journey for a long time with some major roadblocks along the way, it was these roadblocks that led me to Rebecca. She is an amazing naturally gifted facilitator who holds space in the safest way for you to let go and begin the healing process. She made me feel safe, held and supported throughout each of the sessions I have had with her.

She is amazing and you won’t regret it!! I have worked with many practitioners over the years but Rebecca’s gift of being there and holding space is like nothing I have experienced before.

Aoife O Sullivan

I was pretty deep into spiritual practices but new to the shamanic path when I first met Rebecca. And altogether I was pretty lost, like running away from something that I couldn’t escape because it was inside me. I was moving towards a new way of being without any direction or destination. 

Rebecca has been an integral part of my spiritual growth. She has helped me move things within myself to create more space for knowing and connecting with my soul on a deep level. I’ve learned to be more compassionate and loving towards myself and this has allowed creating stronger and deeper relationships with others and my path.

When I realized that I don’t have to be so hard on myself, that my blocks were temporary and that getting frustrated by not having any huge spiritual breakthroughs was doing nothing but hurting my practices. This helped me to let go, lose expectations and just enjoy the journey.

Rebecca has a beautiful way of holding space that I very much appreciate. I don’t ever feel like she’s coming from a place of spiritual condescension or dominance. She’s loving, intuitive, mindful, and has been a true blessing in my life. 

The essence I experience from her is Pure LOVE and if you are thinking about working with her – Don’t think about it, just go for it!

John C

Taking Rebecca’s Rooted Into Service course helped me bring my small business to the next level. Her course dug into all of the aspects of my business that I needed to step up as well as the most important, self care. Constantly serving others can be draining and we often forget to fill our own cups. Rooted Into Service breathed new life into me. I was excited to incorporate the new practices, tools and tips I learned each day into my business and life. I absolutely loved the life long connections I made with like minded souls who are also of service. Having a network of practitioners to lean on is priceless.

Rebecca is a truly special teacher who I recommend to anyone looking to nurture their soul and grow their business. We are not supposed to know how to do all of this alone. What a gift to have a course like Rooted Into Service to help!