The Embodied Heart

The Breathwork Club is a membership that gives YOU 24 x 7 access to Divine Roots’ online Shamanic Breathwork Ceremonies and Playlists.

This Membership will provide you with access to the Live Monthly Community Breathes as well as access to the full Divine Roots Library of recorded breathwork & playlists.

Like a Gym Membership – you now get to breathe when you want and how often you want!

  You no longer need to seek out replay emails – it is all at your fingertips on your schedule.

All you have to do is BREATHE.

Why Join The Breathwork Club?

  • 2 Live Breathwork Ceremonies a month (Schedule may vary July & August 1 per month)

  • Access to Full Breathwork Library Recordings

  • Access to Playlist with each Ceremony

  • Bonus: Recommended Reading List

  • 20% Discount on Breathwork Course: Exploring Your Depths

  • 20% Discount on Private Virtual Breathwork Sessions

When we commit to a practice like Breathwork, we commit to making major changes in our life.  When we truly step into our own medicine, we become our own alchemist and healer.  Committing to a regular breathwork practice, and truly committing,  you let go of the layers through every exhale.

Your breath brings you to a space of Self Realization and Self Actualization.  Your Breath and your commitment to breathing is what creates the shift and transformation inside of you.

The invitation is here to breathe into the best version of YOU.


Your Membership: $45 CDN per Month

Pay In Full $475 CDN ( Save $65 CDN) 

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