The Embodied Heart

This is not an “online course” but a LIVE Spiritual and Personal mentorship program where YOU meet online and receive teachings, mentorship, practices and tools based on shamanic principals and an embodied/ somatic approach.


The Embodied Heart is a journey of BECOMING, a 12 month Mentorship container that includes Shamanic Principals, Somatic concepts, Indigenous Wisdom, Intuitive Mentorship & Channeled guidance, Energetic tools and the critical relationship with your breath.

Throughout the year, you are building a spiritual and personal practice, while embodying tools to support you in your every day life.

As Spiritual Doulas, Sam & Rebecca provide you a Deep Dive Experience.

One year stepping into Self Actualization.

Sam & Rebecca embody the Maternal archetype, as Spiritual Doulas, supporting your personal rebirth over a year of gentle and deep remembering. Their heart centred leadership gently guides you through the shadows when they appear, and celebrate and witness every step you make to singing the song in your soul.

  • 2 calls a month (1 x 2 hrs of Wisdom teachings & Check-ins, 1 x 2 hrs of  Ceremonies, Meditations, and mentorship call)

  • Live Mentorship group on Voxxer for a full year

  • 2 GUIDES / MENTORS/ Spiritual Doulas supporting you
  • Total of 8 Wisdom keepers & medicine women sharing their teachings
  • Weekly Accountability check in with your accountability partner
  • Community of fellow participants to grow with
  • Recorded content for life through our teaching platform
  • Bonus: Additional 3 x month online Breathwork Ceremonies for the full year
  • Additional:  End of Year Land Based Retreat ( additional Cost)

Together we form  a CIRCLE. As teachers and Wisdom keepers, there are many voices and many truths and this is also so when we come together for growth.  There is no one authority and this is why we have brought these voices together to support you on this journey of becoming.

We deliver your year of growth through the chakra system. We will begin with a foundation with teachings based in the Root.  We will step in with curiosity and commitment to shed the layers that are holding us back and connect with the song in our soul as we move our way up: embodying the teachings & tools, embodying the practices, and more importantly embodying your commitment of growth. 

As you let go of the layers, you are witnessed and held – we walk the path together.

Together we support you in building your personal tool kit of ancient technologies to bring you closer to your soul’s wisdom and the sacred connection that you have been seeking as you soften into your heart space and let yourself shine.

The Embodied Heart is 12 Months of accountability for your own Self Realization

Your Investment: $4,500 CDN – Pay In Full ( Save $500 CDN) 

Payment Plan Available: $5,000 CDN = $2,000 Deposit + $250 x 12  OR  12 x $416.66

Your Practitioners

The Embodied Heart  Practitioner Team is a collective of 8 teachers who carry the following sacred medicines:

  • Breathwork Practitioners x 3
  • Shamanic Practitioner x 3
  • Anishinaabe Medicine Woman & Hay House Author
  • Traditional Medicine Healer and a member of the Haudenosaunee
  • Celtic Herbalist
  • Medical Intuitive
  • Sound Healer & Magdalene Priestess

These are the medicines that are carried by The Embodied Heart Team. You’ll learn from each of these special teachers and begin your own personal journey exploring the divine practices, rituals, and techniques that call to you most.

wisdom teachings and spiritual tools

Our year together will invite the teachings and & ceremonies to move through our Chakra System.

Root Chakra:

We begin to build your foundation in personal practice and teachings over 4 sessions including The Presence Process, the ancient technology of prayer, and various medicine wheel teachings including the Andean Cosmovision.

Sacral Chakra:

We step into the space of creation and opening with 4 sessions that include: breathwork, forgiveness practices, shamanic journeying & power animals.

Solar Plexus:

We begin to understand the potency of Sacred Tools & Shamanic Hygiene.

Heart Chakra:

We will open our heart over 5 sessions, connecting us to the sacral through various practices and healing ceremonies including Heart opening practice, working with Cacao, gratitude & abundance, nature as medicine, and more.

Throat Chakra:

We step into the power of our vibration through sound and the signature of our soul through the sound we have access to through 2 sessions.

Third Eye:

We now step into strengthening and accessing beyond our foundational realms through 2 sessions.

Crown Chakra:

We open Exploring our connections with the Spirit World

course details

The Embodied Heart: A 12 Month Pilgrimage

February 2023 – January 2024
All classes, circles, and sessions will be held on via Zoom

Monthly Wisdom Teachings

Tuesdays | 1pm– 3pm EST
(recordings available)

Monthly Mentorship & Ceremony Circles

Saturdays | 10 am – 12 am EST
(recordings available)


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