10 Days, 12 Women

A journey of Becoming through healing the feminine.

October 6-16, 2023

10 Days, 12 Women

The Sacred Valley, Peru

As Medicine Women, Timmie Larode & Rebecca Llewellyn, we are being called to bring their two voices, medicines, and lineages together to support the healing of the sacred feminine. We were being called to step into holding space for women of all collectives & tribes as well as embody our sacred feminine to support the masculine and the healing that is taking place around the masculine.

We have created a journey for those in our closest community who are already walking with us with their hearts. This will be a healing journey of medicines, ceremonies & sisterhood – We will be your guides for these 10 days along with our teachers who will be serving the Master Plants in Ceremonies.

Over 10 days we will be steeped into a deep ceremony of healing through plant medicine, breathwork, shamanic journeys and more.

  • You’ll connect and transform with a community of like-minded women with their own unique journeys who will support, inspire, and remind you of your unique medicine.

  • You will step deep into prayer and ceremony with Master Plant teachers and additional modalities.

  • You will reconnect with your Sacred Feminine and to your own soul’s development.

We have curated a 10-day ceremony for deep work, deep healing, and self-actualization. This is a deep Medicine Retreat master plants and additional modalities. This carefully created journey has been based on our own work with these teachers and master plants, our experience, and the guidance of our teachers.

Integration circles are a big part of this experience and that includes the 2 online sessions before we arrive and the additional 2 online integration circles once we have returned.  For those who require, or are interested in, additional integration support, we have an Integration therapist available for additional sessions that you can purchase directly through her.

As Women, we have often put ourselves last, diminished our light or quieted our voices.

Through The Journey, you will not only support the healing of the wounds and story that you carry through your ancestral & bloodline, reconnect with your divine feminine, but also that of your personal journey.

This is a must-have experience for women ready to step into their self-actualization

Over 10 days, You’ll Experience…

Soulful and Spiritual Transformation

Your Guides

Timmie Larode

Timmie Larode  is a multi-dimensional healer and medicine woman born in Trinidad and Tobago. 

As a young child she witnessed her mom taking care of the sick people in the village, with her prayers, touch, and spiritual baths. She knew one day she wanted to serve as her mom does. However, coming to America as a young child shifted that prayer for her until a deep call to serve occurred in 2017. In 2017 she began her part of walking the red road. Offering Shamanic meditation to her friends and the community.  She later deepened her healing tools by becoming shamanic reiki practitioner. Much of her work is deeply rooted around healing the inner child and healing trauma within the collective, especially for her black and brown relatives. Her work comes with an infusion of Caribbean and African spirituality. Timmie also serves as a birth doula, spiritual mentor, shamanic practitioner, Reiki practitioner, and intuitive guide.

Rebecca Llewellyn

Rebecca is a multi-dimensional medicine woman. To use labels; she is a Shamanic Practitioner, a double certified Breathwork Practitioner, Mentor, Channel, and guide for those on their path of Spiritual & Personal transformation and I have been walking the path of Spirit and Service for over 15 years.

Her personal l background is rooted in the arts as a musical theatre performer which led her into a 12-year career in the corporate sector where she specialized in Client Relations. She understands people and how scary the journey can be when are living in a 9-5 world and begin to understand that we are part of a great Cosmic Web.

Rebecca holds space for her clients to clear patterns and Activates their souls and DNA to take up the space it deserves and she celebrates their milestones by witnessing them every step of the way.

She is a non-Indigenous Canadian committed to Truth & Reconciliation and I live on the traditional territories of the Erie, Neutral, Huron-Wendat, Haudenosaunee, and Mississaugas. This land is covered by the Dish with One Spoon Wampum Belt Covenant and I am proud to call ‘Hamilton’ home.

The Journey – 7 Spots Left!

Retreat Cost| Shared Getaway: $2,500  USD

Share with a friend or we can match you up with a Soul Sister!

Retreat Cost| Private Getaway: $3,000  USD

Retreat Cost| Luxury Getaway: $3,333  USD


Following travel policies of Ontario, below is registration for retreat services, programming & meals. Accommodation is not allowed to be included in retreat pricing however, accommodation for the retreat is graciously donated (at no extra cost) from the venue. Rooms are booked separately by contacting venue directly after retreat registration. **There will be no further accommodation costs that will be owing. Again, due to travel laws of Ontario, this is the way retreats need to be legally set up, advertised and organized as Divine Roots cannot legally sell accommodation as a retreat leader.

Cancellation/Refund policy: No exceptions to this policy. A 50% refund is available if cancelling 61 days or more from retreat start date. Then, due to limited retreat spots and costs to cover retreat, no refunds are available if cancelling 60 days or less prior to retreat.  If one spot is cancelled in a shared room, the room becomes open for another random registration.  If retreat is cancelled due to Covid-19 or any other reason, a full refund is provided. **Please note: Divine Roots follow government guidelines for Covid-19. Status/numbers of covid-19 may change by your retreat date – above policy remains in place including reasons related to covid-19.

10 Days, 12 Women

$500 USD non Refundable Deposit to secure your spot

 Flights are not included in Retreat Price

Retreat Costs Include: Group Pick up from Cusco, Meals, all Medicine Ceremonies, and Integration Circles with Facilitators.

Additional Cost: Return Transportation to Cusco Airport, any additional services ( massage, energy sessions…) not included in the retreat

Your Medicine Holders

We have chosen Medicine People of the highest integrity who we consider our teachers and mentors.  Souls who are aligned with our work and our light and mission in this world.  Our 2 main Master Plant Teachers will be served by the Divine Masculine.  Although we are a circle of women coming together to heal the feminine, it is crucial that we are in balance with the masculine as that is how we heal the collective.  To be held as the feminine in the energy of the masculine in our journey of healing and transformation is one of the most powerful things we can do to bring our planet into balance.

We believe in the Prayer of Unity.

Miguel Mendiburu

Miguel is a Huachumero and walks the path of the Andean Cosmovision.  He calls himself a facilitator for those seeking new perspectives for experiencing life.  Both Timmie and Rebecca have been walking in Miguel’s lineage for over 5 years, as he is their teacher’s teacher.  Miguel embodies humility in the most extraordinary way.  Miguel carries the divine masculine that is the perfect balance for our Sacred Feminine to be held and balanced in our path of healing and transformation.

Nacho Rodriguez

Several years ago, as a multi-instrumentalist musician, Nacho dedicated himself to the path of service with Mother Ayahuasca. His prayer is of creating a bridge between the plant and people’s souls inorder to go deeper into the infinite path of self-knowledge, leaving behind what prevents us from being happy and accepting ourselves as the beings of light that we are- without masks, fears or insecurities. In this way, we can be ourselves, creating internal and external peace. Live life with joy and inspiration.

Nacho awaits you, so we can continue to grow and learn together.

Rafaela Fernandez Goodman

Rafaela is a passionate chef and artist in the kitchen. Amazing hospitality host and co- creator of beautiful transformational journeys. Founder owner and co-creator of Nidra Wasi, Rafaela has spent the last decade in the Sacred Valley catering world-class vegetarian fusion cuisine to guests from around the world. She creates intuitive, medicinal meals that are as beautiful physically as they are delicious. Rafaela is a proud mother of three beautiful daughters; she loves sharing and catering to diverse guests from around the world, and helping them feel at home here in Pisac.

She will be in charge of helping as our host and creating our journey for our retreat in the sacred valley of the Incas. She loves getting to connect with beautiful people from around the world and co- create beautiful transformations and support our vision all the way through hospitality, logistics and taylor made menu with medicinal delicious real food. She grateful that we can offer fresh, vital, organic, farm-to-table cuisine here in Pisac. She look sforward to connecting with you!

Accommodations Gallery

The Journey is hosted in the beautiful properties of Nidra Wasi in the Andes of Pisac in the Sacred Valley.