Truth & Reconciliation

As a white woman of European descent who is committed to standing in sacred ally ship – I know I was born into the privilege of my skin and so I have to use my voice.

First off – wherever you are in the world, I invite you to become familiar with the land of where you reside – even if it is not the land of where you were born.  Become familiar with any treaties that may exist that identify where your home is, and most importantly begin to understand who the original stewards were.  The original Ancestors of that land – whether you are in an urban highrise in Singapore, a suburb in the UK or a cabin in the woods in northern Alberta – when we understand where we live, we come into relation with the Earth and her original peoples.

I live in the traditional territories of Erie, Neutral, Huron-Wendat, Haudenosaunee, and Mississaugas. This land is covered by the Dish with One Spoon Wampum Belt Covenant and is also known as Hamilton- located in southern Ontario.

The world has been colonized over, and yet we still have an opportunity to support the Indigenous peoples of today and stand in sacred ally ship  – this is how we heal as a collective.  

This is how we step into the prayer of Unity.

I am committed to maintaining this page with constant resources that have helped me understand, that are shared with me and that support us, especially Canadians, in understanding the TRUTH  in the history of this land and its original peoples.  Reminding you, like many of you, I did not learn this in school as a young girl, and only now as an adult is the true history being shared, and so I believe it is our role – especially if we live in North America and are not of Indigenous descent, to bear witness,  unlearn, listen and learn.

Thank you for spending time on this page.

X Rebecca


Summary of the Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada

8th Fire Documentary:
8th Fire is a documentary that goes across Canada with host and journalist Wab Kinew to show the need that the country has to mend its relationship with Indigenous people, their nations and offer a way to get it right the second time around. Today’s indigenous population is of a new generation struggling to rediscover its culture while living in cities or reserves with third-world conditions.

21 things you didn’t know about the Indian Act | Bob Joseph
I personally believe every Canadian should read this book.

Listen & watch Bob Joseph break it down

What is The Indian Act:

  1. Denied women status
  2. Introduced residential schools
  3. Created reserves
  4. Renamed individuals with European names
  5. Restricted First Nations from leaving reserve without permission from Indian agent
  6. Enforced enfranchisement of any First Nation admitted to university
  7. Could expropriate portions of reserves for roads, railways and other public works, as well as move an entire reserve away from a municipality if it was deemed expedient
  8. Could lease out uncultivated reserve lands to non-First Nations if the new leaseholder would use it for farming or pasture
  9. Forbade First Nations from forming political organizations
  10. Prohibited anyone, First Nation or non-First Nation, from soliciting funds for First Nation legal claims without special license from the Superintendent General. (this 1927 amendment granted the government control over the ability of First Nations to pursue land claims)
  11. Prohibited the sale of alcohol to First Nations
  12. Prohibited sale of ammunition to First Nations
  13. Prohibited pool hall owners from allowing First Nations entrance
  14. Imposed the “band council” system
  15. Forbade First Nations from speaking their native language
  16. Forbade First Nations from practicing their traditional religion
  17. Forbade western First Nations from appearing in any public dance, show, exhibition, stampede or pageant wearing traditional regalia
  18. Declared potlatch and other cultural ceremonies illegal
  19. Denied First Nations the right to vote
  20. Created permit system to control First Nations ability to sell products from farms
  21. Created under the British rule for the purpose of subjugating one race —  Aboriginal Peoples

A two week pass for Edward Yahyahkeekoot from the Saskatchewan Archives Board. This is one of the few remaining passes found in a Canadian archive, and is proof of the pass system, implemented in 1885. The policy controlled the movement of First Nation people off reserves. (Tamarack Productions)

What are Residential Schools:

What is the Doctrine of Discovery:

Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada

I keep this set on my coffee table – I continue to look through it when I am going to visit somewhere to understand it’s roots.

This box set was created to address calls to action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. This set includes information about indigenous lands, languages, communities, treaties, and cultures, and topics such as the Canadian residential school system, racism, and cultural appropriation.

Changing the Colonized System:
There is much to be done to shift the system our world is in.  If we slowly begin to learn and listen, we will become the change we wish to see.
Here are two incredible organizations led by conscious women, that are leading the way.


Conscious Economics

More Resources:

Whose Land
Learn about Indigenous Peoples, Treaties, etc

Indigenous Ally Toolkit
(note that it is from a Quebec organization )…/2019/04/Ally_March.pdf

Secret Path – Graphic novel, album, documentary

Seven Fallen Feathers – Tanya Talaga…/dp/1487002262

Further Learning
FREE course at the University of Alberta!!!

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